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Scientific Look At The Law Of Attraction

First of all let's take a look at what the scientific community says regarding the Law Of Attraction.

It States: The Law Of Attraction is the law by which thought correlates with it's object.

Let's look at this in a more physical sense, utilizing material that we can see and are aware of on a daily basis, to satisfy the left brain and visual type of people.

The following experiment will allow you to see the Law of Attraction in action from a physical perspective. First of all we'll take two eye droppers, and fill one with oil and the other with water. Next, drop one drop of water onto a surface. Now take the other (oil) and place a drop directly on top of the drop of water. What happens? Do they join together and become as one, or does one repel the other? Obviously they repel each other. But why is this? They are both a liquid substance and it seems they should come together into one mass.

The reason is as simple as the Law Of Attraction.

Although both substances are of a liquid origin, each have their own individual subatomic makeup which is different from the other.(varying subatomic structures which resonate and project a different vibration or energy frequency) Without getting into the exact scientific formulas and subatomic structures, that make up each substance and the mathematical equations that support this, in there most basic form, like everything in our world, they consist of vibration or energy. The energy or vibration that is emitted from each is different because of the varying structures of atoms and sub-atomic particles that each contains which cause them to vibrate or resonate at different frequencies. Since they vibrate at different frequencies they are unable to be attracted to each other and actually repel the other.

Ok, let's continue our experiment. If you were to use the same process as above, except this time, drop a single drop of water and then put another drop of water directly on top of the first, what happens? The two join together as one, because the subatomic makeup or structure, or rate of vibration, (energy) of the two is exactly the same. This brings us to the conclusion that like vibrations attracts like vibrations.

So it is with the Law Of Attraction. Whatever thought energy (vibrating seed) that you release into the universe, creates and emits a specific vibratory pattern or frequency based on the type of thought, is attracted by and joined with like energy of the same harmonious frequency or vibration which vibrates in resonance with it, which in turn creates the events or circumstances that you see manifest in your life every single day! You are literally attracting to yourself, the thing thought of.(harvest)

There is an incredible amount of recent scientific evidence available that supports the truths of the Law of Attraction, and includes all of the equations, experiments, etc. that indisputably prove the truth behind this phenomenon. By all means research and come to your own conclusions.

For the sake of those that get it at this point, let's move to the spiritual aspects that support it's truth.

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