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Every Aspect Of Our Life Is A Manifestation Of Our Beliefs.

Every aspect of our life starts with what we believe….

 Every aspect of our life starts with what we believe. Being blind to our “unconscious” beliefs will always steal the control from our lives. Most of what we have adopted as unconscious beliefs was taken without any question. They were not given any consideration as to how they would benefit our lives.

Having control of your life means being aware of your unconscious beliefs. If you have a problem that keeps returning, taking a look at your belief system. Evaluate your unconscious beliefs and see where you are holding on to false or limited beliefs. Just because your life appears to be at a hollow point right now doesn’t necessarily mean you are carrying false beliefs. If the problem returns time and time again, you may want to re-evaluate your basic operating beliefs. This could be a sign that there is a false belief involved in the mix.

Wherever the belief came from, it is a thorn in your side. Blaming someone else doesn’t accomplish anything. Always avoid placing blame. It doesn’t matter where you got the belief, just get rid of it. Experiencing your ideal life starts with cleaning your belief closet out.

Building an empowered belief system begins with recognizing the problem belief and eliminating it. Getting rid of the bad belief is done by asking yourself “Why you believe that?” Example: You think it is wrong to believe that you deserve financial success. Get in a quiet place and listen for your little voice to tell you. When you get it, ask yourself, “If that is true, why is it true”?  You may tell yourself it is a direct result of being raised by hard-working, hands-on parents. The belief that it will always be that way for you because you can’t get above that level. As your higher self answers each question, repeat the process and look at your belief. Most of the time, the problem belief loses power in your thought process and disappears. For a more tangible form of getting rid of the problem, write your beliefs down on a piece of paper. Burn the paper completely.  As you burn the paper, you tell yourself it is gone forever from your life.

Building new beliefs give you power and will give you control of your life. Doing that is a process. Re-evaluate your beliefs; uncover beliefs that may have been suppressed. Take a good hard look at the entire picture. Empowering your belief system will enable you to achieve the desires of your life.

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