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The entrance of thy Words giveth light; it giveth understanding unto the simple.   

Into His Light Ministries seeks to challenge individuals and organizations by prophetically preaching the Word of God and placing a demand upon their potential.


Into His Light Ministries strives to get people to take the limits off of God, to discover their uniqueness and heavenly calling, and to launch out into the deep with childlike faith to fulfill it.



Life Coaching and Mentoring is the Fastest Shortcut Available to Change a Personís Life...the Single most Powerful Shortcut to Success in Existence

Have you noticed that millionaires think differently than other people? Their perspectives are very different from those who struggle day by day to pay the electricity bill. Their lives are powerful examples of people who serve Godís Kingdom in the Marketplace. Their mindset is very different from the masses. Indeed, it is their attitudes and philosophies that have allowed them to transcend the norm. Their thinking is powerful. Their thinking is what Christians across the globe need to better understand and adopt.


Faith-based Mentoring elevates our thinking and shifts our perspectives allowing us to gain clarity as to having a deeper trust in Jesus Christ with our finances, wealth, philanthropy, leadership, and service, while learning how to play a more significant role in growing and serving Godís Kingdom.



REAP, and its founder(s) are dedicated to a certain personal lifestyle. We are dedicated to giving back into the community and sowing into lives of people who are less fortunate in areas of health, economics and social aspects of their lives. HealthyChristianLiving.com is just one venue we use to sow, or give back. For more information on our philanthropic and other endeavors, please contact us directly.




NYC / NJ Property Services knows New York and New Jersey, specializing in Tax lien and deed purchases and investing, rehabs, short sales, stopping foreclosures, and other real estate services for residential or commercial property owners.  We are not realtors.

Be sure to contact us, or to utilize our specialized services for private and hard money lenders, property investors, fast home buyers, stop foreclosure services, property leads, REOs, and free downloadable forms, articles and information.



Forget the volatility of the Stock Market - There is simply no other field where the average person, with the right connections can make huge yield returns on safe, equity backed investments. In a few short months, you can be earning thousands of dollars every month!

Banks make a fortune lending your money and your are earring a measly 2-4% interest on it. Why not securely invest in a product that will yield you 10-18% and even more in interest?




REAP Construction & Development - Offers its services and expertise to other real estate owners and developers applying their years of experience to successfully create value in the development process. Through their myriad of internal resources, REAP Construction and Development has an in-house infrastructure few real estate companies can lay claim to.

If you are a property owner looking for a joint venture partner, are a developer seeking a third-party service provider to obtain approvals and develop the infrastructure of a site, or have a facility needing renovation, REAP Construction and Development is your one-source resource.



A full financial service company, teaching the value of money and how to make it; more importantly, how to keep it. Information on credit issues, credit repair, mortgages, brokers, Tax strategies and loopholes, asset protection, profit through corporations and stuff your financial advisor either does not know, or does not want you to know!


REAP Financial will be hosting several seminars on the above topics, contact us for free tickets and information.




REAP has some private lenders who wish to maximize their income and earning potential. REAP will arrange, perform due diligence and close hard money loans for other real estate investors and the private sector.



A third party mortgage brokerage. REAP has teamed up with several direct lenders for larger development and corporate deals. Financing deals up to 10 Billion Dollars.... We can get it done.




Reap Estate Acquisitions & Partnerships, LLC has cut our operating expenses by forming and operating our own property management company. Not only do our managers manage our holdings, but REAP also manages buildings and properties for fee. If you currently are holding real estate, see what REAP can do for you.









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