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Are You Experiencing The Downside Of Law Of Attraction?

The deliberate use of Law of Attraction is an area of our work on which we are very focused. Simply put, this law states that you attract into your life whatever it is you focus upon. Period.

This is very exciting because it means that any of us has the power to create whatever life we desire simply by applying Law of Attraction in a deliberate way.  However, this also means there is a downside to Law of Attraction.  The downside is this ... you attract into your experience whatever you choose to focus on.

So, by focusing on what you don’t want - too many bills, too much debt, things that have gone wrong - guess what is going to show up for you?  Yep ... more bills, more debt, and more things that have gone wrong.  That’s the the downside.

For most people, their default position is to focus on the things they don’t want, whether they are consciously aware of it or not.  So then Law of Attraction gives them more of the same.  This is why the deliberate use of Law of Attraction is so key because you can control what you are attracting quite effectively when using it in this way.

For most people this concept can be very difficult to grasp.  You see, it’s your thoughts that lead to the words you use, which lead you to feel a certain way, which compels you to a particular action, which of course sets the level of vibration you are sending to the universe.  And what does Law of Attraction do?  It matches your vibration.

So how do you manage the level of your vibration?  By carefully watching and being aware of the language you use in your conversations.  And by making sure you take the time to rework your language every time you catch yourself.

Now, there’s one conversation in particular which requires very specific attention.  That’s the conversation you are having with yourself.  You know what I’m referring to.  It’s always there.  Even right now while you are reading this.

We have this constant stream of self-talk in our head which is constantly commentating onwhat we are seeing, what we are doing, and what we are thinking.  It’s so easy to spot once we’re paying attention.  You’ll hear phrases such as “that’s stupid”, “that was dumb”, “this isn’t going to work”, “I always fail”, etc.

In everyone of those examples, the self talk you’ve caught yourself is entirely focused on things you don’t want.  Law of Attraction doesn’t know the difference between what you want and what you don’t want.  Law of Attraction simply gives you what you are focused on.

Each and every time you say something like that, whether out loud to someone else or silently to yourself, you are committing self sabotage.  So pay attention to the language you use religiously.  Every single time catch yourself, stop, and rephrase what you said or thought.

It’s easy to do.  “So, what is it I do want?” Or how about, “that’s interesting”, or “this works for lots of people, it can work for me too”, or even “I always succeed when I put my mind to it”.

Diligently managing your language and self talk will enable you to get much better at focusing on the things in life that you do want instead.  And by doing that, you will see a dramatic shift in the results you are seeing.  All because you are now applying Law of Attraction deliberately, thereby avoiding its downside.

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