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About Us

Anthony Reinglas is a Minister, life coach and successful entrepreneur; training, empowering people, and freeing them from the imprisonment of their minds.

Anthony shapes people spiritually, relationally and professionally to live their dreams and break their self imposed limitations in life. Our desire is to be a catalyst of change to push you into a new dimension if life.

Unleash Your Vision was born out of a personal frustration in seeing people stuck in the same cycles, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results in their lives. The book was written to share the knowledge and experiences of the select few who really know how to create and master their future.

Fact is, you are, right now, exactly what and who you decided to be! Are you where, and who you want to be in life? 

You cannot change the past, but there is power in knowing that you can change and literally create your future. Your life is a blank canvass just waiting for you to express and paint your future.

Read through the site, our articles, links, and buy the book! It will change your life for the better.



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